Current Field Conditions

All soccer fields are OPEN


2017 In-House Soccer

Registration will open on April 1.  Teams will be formed over the summer, and practice will begin in early August.  Please note that many age groups are now on wait list and we will form a team if we get enough registrations to create a new team in that age group.

In-House commissioner - Bryon Epple

Fallston Soccer in-house play for U8 and U10 will now follow US Soccer's initiative on small-sided play to maximize the experience for young players.  U8 and U10 will play 7v7 on a smaller field than previous years so that kids will touch the ball more (i.e. play more soccer) and learn to control the ball in smaller spaces.  This will ultimately provide a more enjoyable experience and it will help young players better develop their soccer skills.


Age groups (age determined as of August 1):

Clinic (ages 4 and 5)

Boys Clinic commissioner:  Bekki Levesque

Girls Clinic commissioner:   Lauren Castle

U8 (ages 6 and 7)

Boys U8 commissioner:   Cybil Rohner

Girls U8 commissioner:   Adam Waskey

U10 (ages 8 and 9)

Boys U10 commissioner:   Corey McLaughlin

Girls U10 commissioner:   Chris Holdaway

U11 (age 10)

U13 (ages 11 and 12)

U16 (ages 13, 14, 15)

Boys commissioner U11/13/16:  Ed Toppi

Girls commissioner U11/13/16:  Matt Knudsen