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SCHEDULES 2023 (uploaded 8/26/2023)

Boys Clinic 2023

Girls Clinic 2023

Boys U8 2023

Girls U8 2023

Boys U10 2023

Girls U10 2023


Picture Day Schedule (uploaded 9/27/2023, revised and uploaded 10/6/2023)



In-House Soccer

Registration will open on April 1 and close the last day of July.  Teams will be formed over the summer, and practice will begin in early August. Many age groups end up on wait lists, so please register early!

In-House commissioner - Chris Kelleher

Fallston Soccer runs in-house play for kids from ages 4 to 16 for about 900 kids in the Fallston area.  The program is designed for kids of all ability levels to provide a fun and educational soccer experience.  Please do not let August vacations stop you from signing up!  Most teams do not have their full team at practice until school starts. 


Practice begins around the second week of August and the program wraps up around the first week of November.  All teams will have 1 weeknight practice and 1 game.  Clinic, U8 and U10 will play other Fallston teams on Saturday mornings. 

The U11, U13 and U16 age groups will play in the Harford County NRSL league with most games on Saturdays but with the possibility of games on various fields in the county. 


The playing format for in-house is as follows:

Click here for Clinic to U10 In House Rules. (updated 8/26/2023)

          **Here is a video that may help understand the build out line:** Click HERE

Click here for NRSL rules (U11, U13, U16) (revised 7/2023)

Clinic (ages 4 and 5; Pre-K and Kindergarten) – Fun and educational with an emphasis on the fun!  The objective with this age group is to have them build a love for the game and meet new friends.  Our practices are built around fundamental soccer where the kids have a ball at their feet at all times.  Game format is 5v5 with no goalies. 

U8 (age 6 and 7; 1st and 2nd grade) and U10 (ages 8 and 9; 3rd & 4th grade) – These age groups will continue to focus on fundamental soccer.  Games for these age groups will follow US Youth Soccer guidelines for 7v7 small sided games. 

U11 (age 10; 5th grade) – Games for this age group play an 9v9 format.

U13 (ages 11 and 12; 6th and 7th grade) & U16 (ages 13, 14, 15; 8th thru 10th grade) – Games for this age group will be played in the 11v11 format. 

Uniforms and Equipment:  Fallston soccer provides an Adidas jersey, shorts, and socks.  Players are required to purchase their own shin guards which are required by all age groups.  Soccer cleats are not required but highly recommended. 

Player/Coach Requests:  During registration there is the opportunity to request coaches or playing with friends.  While all of these requests are considered, they may not be honored.  Our primary objective is to create a fair play environment where all of the teams are relatively equal. 


Questions or Comments:

Please contact our in-house commissioner and board member - Chris Kelleher


In House (Rec) Age groups (age determined as of August 1):

Clinic (ages 4 and 5; Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Boys Clinic commissioner:  

Girls Clinic commissioner:   


U8 (age 6 and 7; 1st and 2nd grade)

Boys U8 commissioner:

Girls U8 commissioner:  


U10 (ages 8 and 9; 3rd & 4th grade)

Boys U10 commissioner:   

Girls U10 commissioner:   


NRSL Commissioner, boys and girls, U11/U13/U16: Chris Kelleher

U11 (age 10; 5th grade)

U13 (ages 11 and 12; 6th and 7th grade)

U16 (ages 13, 14, 15; 8th thru 10th grade)


2023 Flow Chart