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Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes




8:03 pm called to order


1. Encourage registration: reach out and encourage all to sign up, we want to increase the numbers.

2. License Class

  1. Need a facility to host it, indoor and outdoor space needed
  2. Need to form group to work on this
  3. Fallston Soccer should pay for class

3. Website

  1. Taking suggestions on what to add
  2. View other sites to look for ideas
  3. Collect pictures from parents to add

4. Volunteer forms

  1. Must be completed each season, by each member of the coaching staff
  2. Return them to Brian King at
  3. Do ASAP

5. Tournaments

  1. Try to support tournaments that suppor the Fallston Cup
  2. Up to coach, but be mindful
  3. Tournament list will be created

6. Treasury

  1. Every kid who wishes to try out for travel, must be signed up and PAID for to do so.
  2. Budget is being developed

7. Travel

  1. Respond to Ben about try out date
  2. Silence means you are happy with dates
  3. Respect the space and the events around you
  4. Communicate with your kids the tryout schedule
  5. Submit rosters to Ben before calls: wait for approval

8. Uniforms

  1. Mike Stallings needs to know by JUNE 14TH so they can be ordered
  2. White under armour shirts have been ordered for under uniforms
  3. Do we need to order socks? yes
  4. Be ready.

9. Boys In House

  1. Need a U10 commish
  2. Rest are filled

10. Girls In House

  1. All Commish roles are filled
  2. Numbers need to increase

11. Key Dates

  1. 5/18 6pm Travel Coaches Training Session
  2. 6/22 and 6/29 Field Lining Party: 2 people from each team must attend one sessio

12. Tryouts

  1. Watch or bad weather, do not force pratice in bad weather
  2. A and B coaches work together
  3. Have a plan, be able to explain what you did
  4. Communicate with parents
  5. Speak to kids at the start
  6. Make your decisions and let people know the outcome

13. Team Training Weeks

  1. Cost $150.00 per camper
  2. Please schedule for July week to avoid conflict with rec program
  3. Contact Ian and he will help schedule

14. Facebook and Twitter

  1. Needs to be done ASAP

15. High School Kids

  1. Reach out to high school programs to look for volunteers to help with high school kids who may wish to help.


Adjourned 8:43 pm